Vista Security Concerns Surface

One of Microsoft’s main selling points of its new operating system Vista has been the platform's built-in security features. Beefing up security also was the primary reason why the Office of Management and Budget last month issued a mandate requiring all agencies to follow a standard Microsoft platform.

But, writes ZDNet blogger Ryan Naraine, several critical security patches that Microsoft has issued in less than one month is testing “the carefully crafted image of Windows Vista as the most secure operating system of all time.”

That high rate also puts pressure on the prediction of Ben Fathi, the former head of Microsoft's security group and now the chief of development in the Windows core operating system group, that he made in February. At the RSA Conference 2007, Fathi said that if Vista had half the security vulnerabilities that Windows XP had, he would consider Vista reaching a "great goal." Microsoft issued 30 security bulletins for Windows XP, with many of those bulletins containing more than one vulnerability. (Read Tech Insider item "The Chink in OMB's Windows Mandate," with comments.)