Night Vision Goggles Now In Color

Put on night vision goggles and the world goes green. For military medics, this can be a problem because the color of blood appears as the same color as water. But now new technology, developed by Tenebraex Corp., which has developed vision protection systems for the military since 1992, has developed night-vision goggles that display in color, The Boston Globe reports. The company wants to sell the goggles to the military for about $6,000 each.

The company produces the color by using a standard night-vision scope overlaid “with a pair of rotating filters that vary the intensity of light coming from different colored objects. The brain interprets these variations as differences in color, enabling the viewer to recognize red and blue objects obscured by the green glow of today's night scopes,” the Globe reports.

To see an image of the goggles (courtesy of The Boston Globe), click view image

Hat tip: Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends