Be Thankful To Be A Civil Servant

Being a civil servant is a calling. But keep in mind that no matter how bad it might get, it’s often much worse in the private sector.

Consider what electronic retailer Circuit City is doing. Here's what the San Diego Union Tribune reported this week:

Circuit City said yesterday [March 28] that it had fired 3,400 [about 8 percent] of its highest-paid sales staff and will replace them with lower-paid workers. … The fired workers will receive severance packages and a chance to apply for lower-paying positions after a 10-week delay, said the 655-store electronics chain based in Richmond, Va.

Writes an indignant, anonymous reader of Slashdot: “So: work hard, become the best in your field, and get fired so they can offer you a new job 10 weeks later at a lower salary.”