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VA Experiments with Real-Time Dashboard of Vets' Feedback

April 3 The agency wants feedback whenever and however veterans want to send it.

Self-Driving Cars Will Be Much Safer But a Nightmare to Insure

April 3 The technology that enables autonomy is expensive.

Scientists Made a Cancer-Fighting Cap That Stops Tumors From Growing With Electricity

April 3 After five years, 13 percent of patients who used the cap were alive compared to 5 percent who did not.

Scientists Finally Understand Why Deep Breathing Physically Reduces Stress

April 1 It's been a head-scratcher for scientists for years.

NASA Just Made a Tiny New Robot Companion for the Mars Rover

March 30 It’s built to manage all kinds of situations.

Border Patrol Sniffs Out High-Tech Collars for Canine Agents

March 29 Homeland Security's K-9 teams might use wearable devices to ensure the dogs aren't injured on the job.

Apple Brought the iPhone’s Most Eye-Pleasing Feature to the Mac

March 28 "Night Shift" allows users to adjust the color temperature of their device’s display.

We Can Now Work Next to Our Robot Colleagues Without Getting Mauled to Death, Thanks to an Airbag

March 27 German researchers at the DLR Robotics and Mechatronics Center are working to create a safer workplace for both man and robot.

Why Fake News Spreads: A Neurological Explanation

March 26 The logical part of your brain really, really likes listening to the social part, which just wants to fit in

There’s a Better Way to Treat Your Tech Addiction Than Hiding Your Phone and Laptop

March 23 We should learn to design and engage with it in ways that support our emotional well-being.