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Your Smartphone Reduces Your Brainpower, Even If It's Just Sitting There

August 6 A silent, powered-off phone can still distract the most dependent users.

NIH's Supercomputer Gets An Upgrade

August 3 NIH is using the CSRA's Biowulf cluster to study potential treatments for cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

The US Military Indeed Spends A Lot on Viagra—Because it Helps Veterans With PTSD

July 30 The military spends about $84 million on medications for erectile dysfunction.

The World’s First Floating Wind Farm Could be a Game Changer for Renewable Power

July 24 If the technology becomes cheaper it will open up parts of the ocean previously considered too deep for stationary turbines.

How Federal Agents Took Down a $1.3 Billion Health Care Fraud Scheme

July 20 Using sophisticated data analytics, busts are getting bigger.

How Twitter Fuels Anxiety

July 19 The anxious can often find a supportive community through tweeting, but the nature of the social media site can exacerbate symptoms.

If You’re Not a White Male, Artificial Intelligence’s Use in Health Care Could Be Dangerous

July 10 AI has the potential to revolutionize health care, if done right.

Storm Drones Could Revolutionize Weather Forecasting

July 7 Dorothy could have skipped her trip to Oz—if she only had a storm drone.

Government Wants to Detect Bio-engineered Threats

July 5 Whether it's a lab goof or by design, the intelligence community wants to spot engineered biological organisms.

Just Having Your Phone Within Reach Makes You Dumber

June 28 Trying not to be distracted by a phone is, itself, distracting.