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How to Power Through a Full Day of Meetings With Your Sanity Intact

August 31 Meetings are here to stay. Make the best of them.

Lawmakers Worry Hospitals Are Abusing Telehealth for Financial Gain

August 30 One medical center was found to be enrolling patients in a virtual health care regimen, potentially for financial incentives.

A Three-Day-Old Crowdsourcing Website Is Helping Volunteers Save Lives in Hurricane-Hit Houston

August 30 The site lets people in need register their location.

How to Set Up Emergency Contacts On Your Smartphone

August 28 It's a small step now but could help immensely one day.

Supermarkets Are Now Using Blockchain to Keep Food Fresh

August 24 The technology can track food throughout the complex global supply chain.

How VA Turns Survey Data into Better Veteran Health Care

August 22 Real-time feedback could help the Veterans Affairs Department direct respondents to task forces for suicide or homelessness.

Can Virtual Reality Be Used to Simulate and Treat Depression?

August 18 The National Institutes of Health are looking for small businesses to furnish the virtual reality technology.

These Scientists Took Over a Computer by Encoding Malware in DNA

August 10 There’s no immediate threat, but as sequencing becomes more commonplace, researchers face security risks.

Technology Is Changing Our Relationship With Nature As We Know It

August 9 One expert believes that relationship is more fragile than many of us realize.

To Improve, VA Must Acknowledge Vets Can Go Elsewhere

August 8 Thinking of veterans as customers who could take their business elsewhere could fuel agency improvements, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said.