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House bill would build on nanotech initiative

May 8, 2008 The House Science Committee approved legislation Wednesday aimed at enhancing and improving the nation's nanotechnology research and development initiative.

Employer verification bills expose House's deep divisions

May 6, 2008 The first of several House hearings to consider changes in immigration laws drew a crowd today, a strong sign that passion over the issue remains even ...

What's Brewin: DISA and Travelocity

May 2, 2008 Agency’s director pushes Web services and muses about retirement plans.

DISA gets ready for next-generation Internet

May 1, 2008 Lack of commercial products and funds drained by the war effort threatens to slow progress, say agency managers.

Agencies plan to increase spending on telework technologies, study says

April 25, 2008 With bigger budgets, advocacy group advises IT managers to track return on investments.

What's Brewin: A suicide tracking system for VA?

April 25, 2008 The inspector general at the Veterans Affairs recommended a year ago that it deploy departmentwide a suicide-tracking system. It didn’t.

IRS requests less funding for its modernization program

April 23, 2008 A 17 percent cut in the program’s fiscal 2009 budget request will lead to a loss of at least 25 positions, Treasury IG says.

House chairman slams FDA chief over inspections of foreign drug facilities

April 23, 2008 GAO reports databases of foreign drug manufacturers are inaccurate and incompatible, requiring employees to manually check lists.

Hill probes allegations of ‘epidemic’ of soldier suicides

April 23, 2008 Senators focus on internal e-mails reporting 1,000 suicide attempts per month.

IRS requests a drop in funding for modernization program

April 21, 2008 A 17 percent cut in the program's fiscal 2009 budget request will lead to a loss of at least 25 positions, Treasury IG says.