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Ike recovery keeps VA technology staff busy

September 19, 2008 A team will head out to recover computers from a medical clinic demolished in the storm.

Latest electronic medical records bill differs from Energy and Commerce version

September 16, 2008 House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee chairman's legislation calls for availability of low-cost public IT system for those who do not want to buy into ...

Groups: Health IT bill not likely to move until 2009

September 16, 2008 Policy-watchers think legislation will be acted on early in the 111th Congress, at which point healthcare reform could become a central issue.

Broad coalition pushes for quick action on health IT

September 9, 2008 Health organizations, drug manufacturers and IT vendors to send letter to members of Congress.

U.S. efforts against nuclear, chemical terrorism defended

September 9, 2008 DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff cites progress Bush administration has made after independent report gave the U.S. a "C" for the measures it has taken to ...

What's Brewin: Powering Through

September 5, 2008 New (and old) radios, open communications and a satellite bridge support relief efforts after Hurricane Gustav.

Security holes: Not enough money or not spending wisely?

September 4, 2008 Agency systems are wide open. Cyber attacks are growing more sophisticated. Is it a problem of not enough money or not spending wisely?

'Getting' Gustav

September 4, 2008 Playing hurricane's data gives viewers insight

Liberal bloggers find room in St. Paul

September 4, 2008 Progressive politics organization hosts space for left-leaning writers at GOP convention.

Keeping Track

September 1, 2008