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What's Brewin: Fast Track for Shinseki VA Confirmation

December 15, 2008 Chairman plans a presumptive hearing before Inauguration Day so the Senate can quickly vote on appointment.

Obama pledges to pursue health IT, despite economic woes

December 12, 2008 President-elect and his pick to head HHS say electronic health records are part of a plan to cut costs as a way to ease financial burdens on companies.

States move to implement electronic health care records

December 12, 2008 National Conference of State Legislatures

Advice for Obama's CTO

December 11, 2008 Former tech czar Lorentz offers his insights.

Talks pick up on possible health IT measure in stimulus

December 10, 2008 President-elect's weekly radio address may have motivated staffers to take up discussions again.

Defense launches personal health record application test

December 8, 2008 Soldiers and their families use Google and Microsoft health-records software to manage their medical files online.

Tech investment seen as critical to health care reform

December 5, 2008 IT would reduce costs and improve care, but initial price tag is steep, leading Democrat warns.

Senators consider their options for health IT overhaul

December 4, 2008 Lawmakers considering attaching language to an economic stimulus package expected to pass early next year.

Requirements identical for Defense, VA health record system

December 3, 2008 Report's findings on similarities doesn't solve debate over how to develop joint electronic health records network