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People Are Using Siri as a Therapist, so Apple Is Seeking Engineers Who Understand Psychology

September 17 You’re not alone in turning to your phone for existential guidance and serious, practical life advice.

Tech Companies Are Redefining How We Respond to Natural Disasters—in a Good Way

September 13 Uber, Facebook, Airbnb and others are providing essential services to those affected by the storm.

MIT Crowdsourcing Project Helps Florida Residents Track Irma Flooding

September 11 People can share flooded areas with chatbots that do the mapping.

Technology Could Enable Better Suicide Prevention for Veterans

September 11 To better take care of high-risk patients, the Veterans Affairs Department needs to get technology that frees up caregivers' time.

In Preparation for Hurricane Irma, Floridians Are Downloading These Two Apps

September 8 The apps let users turn their smartphones into walkie-talkies and track the best places to find fuel

Your Apps Are Making You Miserable

September 8 If you want to be happier, you might want to ditch your phone.

Airlines Are Price Gouging in the Path of Hurricane Irma—And Algorithms Are to Blame

September 6 Travelers trying to evacuate in anticipation of Hurricane Irma and facing a big hurdle.

Neuroscientists Have Figured Out Why You Can’t Concentrate at Work

September 5 Try writing a report in a noisy, uncomfortable place with the smells of the office microwave wafting over to your desk, and the importance of other senses ...

This Aid Agency Is Using Chatbots to Beat World Hunger

September 5 Turning smartphones and social media into lifelines for the most vulnerable of refugees.

With a New Designation for Ecstasy, the US Government Is Finally Acknowledging its Potential to Treat PTSD

September 4 Unfortunately, whether this trial will be actually be conducted out depends on whether enough money can be raised.