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Shooting for Space, to Make Life Better on Earth

October 7, 2016 Elaine Flowers Duncan, an engineer at NASA, talks about what drew her to rocket science.

New Technology Lets You Transmit Passwords Through Your Body

October 5, 2016 It may sound sci-fi, but the invention is based on present-day tech.

It’s Dangerous for Everyone When Food Companies Also Are Tech Startups

October 4, 2016 The growth demands on the typical tech startup don’t necessarily square with the needs of food-based companies.

A New Device Approved by the FDA Could Radically Change the Lives of Diabetics

September 30, 2016 It’s a step closer to giving type-1 diabetes patients an artificial pancreas.

The Global Cost of Electronic Waste

September 29, 2016 Computers, phones, and other digital devices increasingly are made to be thrown away—which is bad for both consumers and the environment.

Medicine at Forefront of White House Open Data Initiatives

September 29, 2016 For at least two projects, the impetus is personal as well as technological.

Video: What Does Gut Bacteria Have to Do With Space Travel?

September 28, 2016 Potentially a lot.

TB-Tracking Headbands, Mapping Cancer and a Malaria Hackathon: How Data Fights Disease in Africa

September 19, 2016 Medical researchers are joining forces with IBM's Watson.

Virtual Reality May Help You Control Your Dreams

September 16, 2016 Research suggests people dream more lucidly after they’ve immersed themselves in virtual worlds.