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Tracking the World's Emotions, in Real-Time

October 17, 2016 A new app is collecting data to create a snapshot of global mental health.

A Google Maps for the Human Body

October 16, 2016 A group of scientists has taken the first important steps towards creating the Human Cell Atlas—a complete inventory of our staggeringly diverse cells.

Could Self-Driving Cars Speed Hurricane Evacuations?

October 15, 2016 The case for a fully autonomous escape plan

FDA Official: Medical Devices Should Be Designed For Hostile Environments

October 14, 2016 In health care, cyber intrusions into medical devices could be life-threatening.

The World’s First Commercial Drone Delivery Service Has Launched in Rwanda

October 14, 2016 The drones drop blood parcels on parachutes outside remote health centers.

USAID Funds Zika-Fighting Drone Projects

October 13, 2016 The agency selects additional projects from its health innovation challenge.

Video: Electric Fuel Cell Vehicles Join Energy Department Fleet

October 13, 2016 The vehicles were donated by automakers Toyota and Hyundai.

One Tech CEO’s Ingenious Idea to Get Workers to Stop Feeling Guilty for Going to the Doctor

October 11, 2016 Even at the most progressive companies, many employees worry that they will be judged or penalized if they take time off for a routine check-up.

Shooting for Space, to Make Life Better on Earth

October 7, 2016 Elaine Flowers Duncan, an engineer at NASA, talks about what drew her to rocket science.