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A USB Stick Can Show HIV Test Results in Under 30 Minutes

November 14, 2016 Traditional HIV testing can take days to show results.

Modified Drones Keep an Eye on the World’s Wildlife

November 14, 2016 The availability of reliable, off-the-shelf UAVs has made standard aerial surveillance far easier than it used to be, but drones don’t come out of the box ...

Harvard’s 3D-Printed 'Heart-on-a-Chip' Could Replace Animal Testing One Day

November 10, 2016 The device holds heart tissue and reads its reactions to cardiac drugs.

A Newly Developed Wireless Implant Gives Paralyzed Monkeys the Ability to Walk Again

November 9, 2016 One monkey was walking within a week.

Video: Track the Flu With These Apps

November 8, 2016 Thanks to these apps, you can stay one step ahead of the flu and nasty colds.

Dumping 4.3M Samsung Phones is an Environmental Fiasco That Could Show Us How to Recycle Smartphones

November 3, 2016 Exploding batteries has forced the company to issue a worldwide recall.

Video: Testing the Materials That Will Take Us to Mars

November 2, 2016 Putting polymers to the test.

America's Great Science and Technology Divide

November 2, 2016 More urban and diverse blue U.S. states score highest on an updated technology and science index.

Precision Medicine May Be Health Care’s Next Big Thing, But We Don’t Yet Know How to Evaluate Precision Drugs

November 1, 2016 "We have a regulatory system that is designed for imprecise medicine.”

What IARPA Knows About Your Canceled Dinner Reservation

October 18, 2016 It could predict impending disease outbreaks.