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NASA Is Engineering Calorie-Dense Food Bars to Feed Astronauts Bound for Mars

November 29, 2016 These aren’t your kitchen cabinet granola bars.

Video: NASA Explores the Great Barrier Reef

November 28, 2016 The agency is looking to corral some coral.

Astronauts Develop Worse Vision After Long Trips in Space, and Scientists Think They Know Why

November 28, 2016 Gravity also affects how the fluids in our bodies flow.

Video: How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Space

November 23, 2016 The turkey may be dry, but it's out of this world.

People Censor Themselves Online for Fear of Being Harassed

November 23, 2016 New research reveals when tech companies don't police abuse, it can put a damper on free speech.

Mobile Innovation Will Help 2 Billion More People Get Access to Health Care and Education

November 22, 2016 For low-income consumers in emerging markets, the full potential of mobile financial services is yet to be unlocked, a new report suggests.

Scientists Created Mobile Game to Help Detect Early Onset of Dementia

November 22, 2016 Gaming to help advance Alzheimer’s research in the real world.

Video: Inside the International Space Station’s Inflatable Addition

November 21, 2016 In space, no one can hear you bounce.

How Procurement Could Secure Internet of Things

November 18, 2016 Money talks when it comes to connected devices.

A New App Filters the World to Help Colorblind People Avoid Hue Confusion

November 16, 2016 Color vision is now just a few clicks away for the nearly 300 million people worldwide affected by colorblindness.