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Getting Rid of Obamacare Will Cripple the Department Keeping Bioterrorism and Outbreaks at Bay

January 17 It’s not just about doctor’s visits and medications.

Video: Wearables for Astronauts

January 13 It's hard to track your steps in space.

Video: This Gadget Could Keep You Safe During Assault

January 12 Personal safety goes high-tech.

One Desert Data Company Is Showing the Tech Sector How to Help Save the Climate

January 11 Switch, Greenpeace says, has been the “definitive leader” among data center operators for its efforts to get to 100 percent renewables as fast as possible.

Video: How This Paper Toy Could Change Global Health

January 10 Rapid spinning is the first step toward diagnosing illnesses like malaria and HIV.

Expect Tough Fight for a Piece of the Growing $6B Health IT Market

January 4 Defense and Veterans Affairs departments likely will drive increased spending, according to one analyst.

Navy Is Retraining Mine-Hunting Dolphins to Help Save Elusive, Endangered Species

January 4 Everything is fair in war, even deploying dolphins.

Video: DARPA Delivers 'LUKE' Arm to Veterans

January 3 The robotic prosthetic was designed with wounded warriors in mind.

HHS Wants You to Make Easy-to-Read Privacy Label for Fitness Trackers

December 29, 2016 The end goal is a customizable privacy-notice generator for tech companies.

Video: NASA's E-Nose Knows How to Keep Air Clean Aboard the ISS

December 29, 2016 Sniffing out problems in low-Earth orbit.