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Scientists Are Weaving Futuristic Artificial Muscles Using Traditional Textile Techniques

February 1 These fake muscles move like human muscles and can be worn under clothing.

Virtual Reality Can Make the Pain of Surgery Easier to Bear

January 31 By distracting patients, VR could minimize the cost and risk of operations—and allow doctors to operate on patients outside the hospital.

Video: Look for This Robot Barista on Your Morning Commute

January 31 A different kind of handmade.

With HHS Pilot, First Responders Can Access Your Health Data Immediately

January 26 HHS is testing out the system in California.

Video: Boeing Introduces New Kind of Space Suit

January 26 A snazzier outfit for NASA astronauts.

Your Smartphone Could Soon Be a Powerful Tool for Detecting Skin Cancer

January 26 Get ready for the weirdest selfie you'll ever take.

Elon Musk Says He’s Going to Tunnel Under His SpaceX Factory Soon

January 25 Is there anywhere Elon Musk won’t go to start a business?

Hi-Tech Pods That Allow Human Beings to Hibernate for Long-Distance Space Travel Are About to Become a Reality

January 23 “Our goal is to get from days and weeks to months,” says Bradford, who says the medical equipment used for therapeutic hypothermia can easily be automated ...

Getting Rid of Obamacare Will Cripple the Department Keeping Bioterrorism and Outbreaks at Bay

January 17 It’s not just about doctor’s visits and medications.