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The Key to Life on Mars Could Be an Institution Dedicated to Global Potato Research

March 13 Before it can send astronauts to Mars, NASA needs to figure out how to feed them there.

The 9-1-1 Paradox

March 12 Emergency call lines in the United States rarely fail, yet they're more vulnerable than ever.

A Woman’s Pioneering Exoskeleton Technology Could Allow Paralyzed People to Move Again

March 8 The exoskeleton is built with products anyone could purchase for a few hundred dollars.

This Speck of DNA Contains a Movie, a Computer Virus, and an Amazon Gift Card

March 3 Meet the storage format that never goes obsolete.

Software Engineers Figured Out How to Turn Charts Into Music for the Blind

March 3 There is a vexing gap between data’s possibilities and its accessibility.

New Genetic Tool Maps How Deadly Viruses Spread Around the World in Real Time

February 28 The real-time tracking tool maps how viruses spread, potentially identifying hot zones sooner.

Video: How a Cardboard Drone Could Save Lives

February 24 Disposable, yet potentially invaluable.

Why Trump Needs to Rethink His Clean Energy Policies

February 24 The Department of Energy's budget might be targeted for near-total elimination.

The 'Curious' Robots Searching for the Ocean's Secrets

February 23 A new class of machines knows how to recognize and investigate unexpected things that pop up underwater.

Video: Analyzing Genetic Data From the Space Station

February 22 Analyzing astronaut DNA could be the key to fixing health problems that occur in the micro-gravity environment.