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There’s a Better Way to Treat Your Tech Addiction Than Hiding Your Phone and Laptop

March 23 We should learn to design and engage with it in ways that support our emotional well-being.

Can Trump Make Veterans' Health Care Great Again?

March 22 Trump has "a chance to lead, not just in the VA but in the country, in bringing the internet to health care,” former federal CTO Aneesh Chopra says.

VA Secretary Promises Decision on Whether to Go to Commercial Health Records

March 21 Once that decision is made, the acquisition portion of the process will come into play, and law states it must be an open, competitive process.

I’m Taking a Social Media Break for My Sanity—And So Should You

March 16 Taking a step back from Twitter and Facebook can boost your mood.

Google’s DeepMind Has a Plan for Protecting Private Health Data—From Itself

March 16 It's next problem is how to assure hospitals, and the public at large, that patient confidentiality isn’t compromised.

This Smartphone Can Break Your Smartphone Addiction

March 15 Fewer apps, less distraction.

A Rogue Robot is Blamed For Human Colleague’s Gruesome Death

March 14 Usually when people worry about machines and work, they are concerned automation will take away their livelihoods, not their lives.

A DNA Computer Has a Trillion Siblings and Replicates Itself to Make a Decision

March 14 To date these machines have only been theoretical.