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The Urgent Case for IoT Security Training for Civilian Agencies

October 30 Civilian agencies could learn a thing or two from the military's cyber culture.

What Will Our Lives Be Like as Cyborgs?

October 29 A case for embracing the “augmentation” of human minds and bodies

Facebook Thinks So Little of Us

October 28 The new 'Explore Feed' might not be worth exploring.

Nerds Rejoice: Google Just Released its Internal Tool to Collaborate on AI

October 28 The software works a lot like Google Docs

Lawmakers Increasingly Cautious About Internet of Things

October 27 Congressional discussion on connected devices centers more on the privacy and security of citizen data.

Drone Delivery is One Step Closer with Trump Pilot Program

October 26 The Transportation Department and Federal Aviation Administration will allow state and local governments to set up drone innovation zones.

The Invention That Turned Our Phones Into Cameras Was Originally Developed by NASA for Space Travel

October 26 “Smartphones were not on the radar initially at all."

Why Computers Should Be Hidden

October 26 A luxury bicycle computer forecasts a welcome future of humble, embedded systems.

Front-Facing Cameras Were Never Intended for Selfies

October 26 Developers had something else in mind.

Do You Trust Amazon to Enter Your House?

October 25 The online retailer unveiled an app that would allow delivery drivers access inside your house to drop off packages.