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Someone Made Over $60,000 Hijacking People’s Computers to Mine Cryptocurrency

September 28 The malware mines Monero, a cryptocurrency that currently has a total market value of about $1.4 billion.

Major Security Vulnerability Discovered in New Mac OS

September 27 High Sierra users beware.

FDA Wants To Fast Track Health Products From Apple, Fitbit

September 27 A precertification system would mean those companies don’t need to do premarket reviews for products.

Blockchain May Finally Rid the World of Fax Machines

September 27 Another reason Blockchain has captivated the financial industry.

7 Questions About Twitter's Doubled Character Limit

September 27 Why now? Why this? And will it make Twitter better?

Coming Soon: A Blockchain-Powered Smartphone

September 26 It will be just as expensive as an iPhone.

White House Officials: To Manage the Government, Open Its Data

September 26 Though there are hurdles, White House officials continue to push for better, more accessible federal data.

The Coming Software Apocalypse

September 26 A small group of programmers wants to change how we code—before catastrophe strikes.

North Korea May Be Mining Bitcoin in Addition to Hacking It

September 26 The rogue regime may have found a new use for its idle coal supplies.