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Telework will play a big role in government digital strategy, federal CIO says

May 11, 2012 VanRoekel aims to reduce and simplify technology contracts.

Customs and Border Protection wants to e-cycle sensitive electronics

May 11, 2012 Homeland Security is undergoing a departmentwide communications upgrade that could send loads of security devices to the shredder.

Intel agency seeks technology to suspend users’ cultural perspective

May 10, 2012 Data visualization and game tools could offer ideas, says solicitation.

Pentagon wants to use disposable satellite clusters for intel

May 10, 2012 The goal is to provide troops with critical data at a fraction of today’s costs.

Pentagon seeks to join 3-D printing revolution

May 9, 2012 Technology could seed cheaper ways to make aerospace parts.

Google's self-driving cars get their first learner's permit

May 8, 2012 Nevada's Department of Motor Vehicles awarded the first official license for an autonomous car.

Pentagon seeks biotechnology to prevent burn scars

May 8, 2012 Treatment could reduce severity of injuries that limit mobility and damage nerves.

Federal Facebook could outdo conferences, former CIO says

May 7, 2012 Vivek Kundra says social networks in government offices could connect foreign-based colleagues and customers.

Insect-spying technology tops military entomology wish list

May 7, 2012 Tool will assess threat of vector-borne disease outbreak among ground troops.

Navy to talk with defense contractors about building solid-state laser weapons

May 4, 2012 Science-fiction fantasy may become a battlefield reality.