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Facial recognition software blurs screens from voyeurs

June 5, 2012 Private Eye was developed by Oculis Labs with In-Q-Tel funds.

Hey, brother, can you spare a Hubble? DoD: Sure! Have two

June 4, 2012 That's right. Our military had two, unflown, better-than-Hubble space telescopes just sitting around.

Video: Adrian Gardner, Chief Information Officer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

June 4, 2012 Mobile technologies could help federal agencies avoid significant infrastructure costs and save money -- an appealing prospect in these fiscally constrained ...

Census to launch API for demographic, economic app builders next month

June 4, 2012 The bureau also is working on a few apps of its own.

Video: Defense Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer Dennis Wisnosky

June 4, 2012 Dennis Wisnosky says the Pentagon is working to aid warfighters via technology.

Pentagon wants to fast-track genetic engineering

June 1, 2012 DARPA has dished out $18 million to seven institutions.

Video: Don Pettit is about to become your favorite astronaut

June 1, 2012 The space station scientist has found the best way imaginable to pass the lonely hours away from earth.

Video: Swiss scientists train paralyzed rats to walk

June 1, 2012 Experiments spark hope for new therapies for soldiers.

Navy seeks algorithms to make sense of unstructured intelligence data

June 1, 2012 Service leaders want to be able to identify threats more quickly.

Developer Recorded Future raises $12 million for forecasting technology

May 31, 2012 CIA investment wing In-Q-Tel participated in the venture capital round.