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This declaration of Internet freedom is vague

July 2, 2012 At fewer than 100 words, the declaration's length seems itself to be an attack on the anti-Internet contingent.

Pentagon dishes out funding for rapid manufacturing technologies

July 2, 2012 Boeing nabs a $3.7 million DARPA contract.

Hands-free camera maker Looxcie inks In-Q-Tel deal

June 29, 2012 Devices will be developed for Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate.

How students scoop the Feds on online privacy violations

June 28, 2012 Google was secretly planting cookies on a vast number of iPhone browsers and college students found out the program.

National lab, IBM team up on supercomputer initiative

June 27, 2012 Aim is to crunch huge amounts of data to improve private sector competitiveness.

Eye on crime: The FBI is building a database of iris scans

June 27, 2012 The bureau is tapping into the proliferation of biometric data state and local law enforcement agencies are collecting.

Military needs better technology to evade increasingly sophisticated enemy radar systems

June 27, 2012 DARPA is hosting a classified briefing to develop better countermeasures.

DHS to give agencies free computer threat-detection packages

June 26, 2012 Continuous monitoring program would draw $200 million from Homeland Security’s 2013 budget.

Surveillance cameras could make us better people

June 25, 2012 A Dutch research team hopes that surveillance cameras could reverse the "bystander effect."

Military plans to buy new ground weapon that complies with landmine treaty

June 25, 2012 DARPA seeks to award sole-source contract to Textron Defense Systems.