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DARPA to get a new director -- one with Solyndra connections

July 11, 2012 Investment firm executive will lead Pentagon’s venture capital arm.

Russian Wikipedia shuts itself down in protest of proposed censorship law

July 11, 2012 Those visiting Russia's Wikipedia today will see only a statement against the Information Act, which will be debated in the State Duma tomorrow.

Raytheon snags missile defense contract; says past failures are past

July 11, 2012 The company will develop ‘kill vehicle’ to engage warheads in space.

Government agency recruits via the source code of its web page

July 10, 2012 The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is trying a new method to lure in design and technology fellows.

Navy looks for a way to warn pilots of oxygen deprivation

July 10, 2012 Office of Naval Research wants to develop a hypoxia warning system.

Defining the 'We' in the declaration of Internet freedom

July 9, 2012 Left unsaid in a high-profile new document about Internet's principles is whose interests it represents--and how they'll be backed.

Faster than a speeding bullet: Pentagon wants to fly anywhere in under an hour

July 9, 2012 DARPA considers flight technology 20 times the speed of sound.

In past four years, universities began preserving the web

July 6, 2012 But while home pages are being archived, social media collections lag.

Aerospace company seeks to bolster signal processing toolkit

July 5, 2012 ITT Exelis buys Space Computer Corp., whose customers include defense agencies.

Air Force plans ‘see-and-avoid’ system for drones

July 5, 2012 System of sensors and software will help pilots avoid collisions.