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Video: Lieutenant General Mary Legere on military intelligence

July 20, 2012 The senior officer outlines opportunities and dangers provided by new technologies

Mitt Romney's algorithmic campaign

July 20, 2012 The Republican contender wants to reverse engineer the Obama team's data-driven tactics.

Baby steps: The drone industry's code of conduct skips over key questions

July 20, 2012 A trade group's set of best practices is a start, but unmanned vehicles -- like the car and airplane before them -- will require revising old laws.

Can we wage a just drone war?

July 19, 2012 A response to a recent New York Times story called, "The Moral Case for Drones," which argued that lethal "offer marked moral advantages over almost any ...

Video: Lasers may soon keep drones perpetually aloft

July 19, 2012 New technology from Lockheed Martin and LaserMotive could keep drones in flight for 48 hours.

How crowdsourced crime fighting could do more harm than good

July 19, 2012 London's new Facewatch app raises important questions

Al Franken doesn't like Facebook's facial recognition software

July 19, 2012 The senator attacked the new software as an invasion of privacy.

How to deliver humanitarian aid without getting shot

July 19, 2012 Raytheon’s robotic paragliders are being funded by DARPA.

New FCC member proposes innovation office

July 18, 2012 The new unit would be carved out of the Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis.

Intel agencies seek better tech to precisely locate radars, ships

July 18, 2012 Goal is to block false positives in high-noise environments.