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Intel Exec: Internet of Things Isn’t Scaling As Fast As We Thought

October 3 Actual connected devices may fall short of the 50 billion experts were predicting would join the internet by 2020.

What Would Flying From New York to Shanghai in 39 Minutes Feel Like?

October 3 Elon Musk’s proposed Earth transport system better stock barf bags.

October to Focus on Ghosts, Goblins and Cybersecurity Threats

October 3 October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and it’s going to be busy.

Senate Gives Ajit Pai Another Term at FCC

October 3 The Senate reconfirmed Pai to a four-year term.

Zuckerberg’s Apology for “Dividing People” Won’t Stop the Regulators From Moving In

October 2 The tech leader is facing increasing scrutiny by governments around the world.

Apple Is Looking Into Reports That Some iPhone 8s Are Falling Apart

September 30 These phones are coming apart at the seams.

Democrats Push for Billions to Bring High-Speed Internet to Everyone

September 29 Lawmakers believe faster, better broadband will help bring underserved rural communities into the 21st-century economy.

Amazon's HQ2 Hunt Is a Transit Reckoning

September 29 There are smart ways to overhaul trains and buses, and not-so-smart.

Amazon Introduces a New Collection of Smart Home Gadgets

September 28 The company aims to have an Echo for everyone.