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Is it Unethical to Design Robots to Resemble Humans?

June 22 The more we humanize chatbots, virtual assistants and machines, the more we in turn display human emotions toward them.

Deportation Is Going High-Tech Under Trump

June 22 The process began with Obama, but the new administration is using technology designed for tracking down terrorists to surveil immigrants more than ever before.

An Insider's Take on What Went Wrong with DHS' Agile Contract

June 21 Former Digital Services Head Eric Hysen took to Medium to share his thoughts on FLASH’s failure.

NASA to Study Artificial Organs on the Space Station

June 21 The agency wants to know how microgravity may affect bodies traveling deeper in space.

Who Will Build the Next Big Tech Hub?

June 21 A new report digs into the metrics of America’s emerging tech hubs, and finds some surprises.

Think Beyond Modernization, Tech Execs Told Trump

June 20 Silicon Valley bigwigs discussed machine learning, open data and the need for government spending on research.

How to Free up Space on Your iPhone

June 20 Don't delete those apps!

What an AI's Non-Human Language Actually Looks Like

June 20 Facebotlish looks pretty weird to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to

A Silicon Valley Congressman Takes On Amazon

June 20 The freshman House representative Ro Khanna wants to see a broad rethinking of how the government evaluates mergers like Amazon-Whole Foods.

Supreme Court Just Ruled That Using Social Media Is a Constitutional Right

June 20 Public space in the digital age has no shape and no physical place.