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These Scientists Took Over a Computer by Encoding Malware in DNA

August 10 There’s no immediate threat, but as sequencing becomes more commonplace, researchers face security risks.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi

August 9 A connected home is a happy home.

What Would Improve Data Security? 75% of Government IT Pros Say Biometrics

August 9 And nearly 90 percent say they would be more satisfied at work if their agencies invested in smart tech, according to a survey.

The Evolution of Digital Government

August 9 Digital government started with launching websites. This special report looks at how federal agencies are rethinking services to put citizens’ needs first.

Are You Ready for the Big Changes Coming to the iPhone?

August 8 It's a smartphone makeover.

AI Will Make Fake News Video — and Fight It As Well

August 8 Just weeks after one research team appeared to put words in a leader’s mouth, here comes a new tool that can check questionable video for a pulse.

Amazon Could Replace CAPTCHA With a Turing Test You’re Meant to Fail

August 8 Amazon could soon rely on our little mistakes to prove we’re human.

Nearly Half the World Uses Social Media, Report Says

August 7 More than 3 billion people are using hashtags.

The Geography of Innovation

August 5 The suburbs generate more patents, but cities generate more unconventional innovations, a recent study finds.

Amazon Wants to Hire 50,000 People. So Far It Has 20,000 Applicants.

August 4 Warehouses in the US are frequently beset by job vacancies, even as more tasks get turned over to robot labor.