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Nearly Half the World Uses Social Media, Report Says

August 7 More than 3 billion people are using hashtags.

The Geography of Innovation

August 5 The suburbs generate more patents, but cities generate more unconventional innovations, a recent study finds.

Amazon Wants to Hire 50,000 People. So Far It Has 20,000 Applicants.

August 4 Warehouses in the US are frequently beset by job vacancies, even as more tasks get turned over to robot labor.

Nobody Wins Patents Like IBM, But Amazon And Facebook Are Picking Up Their Pace

August 4 iBM is averaging roughly 27.2 patents awarded each day.

NIH's Supercomputer Gets An Upgrade

August 3 NIH is using the CSRA's Biowulf cluster to study potential treatments for cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

After Trying to Build Self-Driving Tractors for More Than 20 Years, John Deere Has Learned a Hard Truth About Autonomy

August 3 There’s a lot more to driving than just seeing the path before you.

The US Is Funding Silicon Valley’s Space Industry to Spot North Korean Missiles Before They Fly

August 3 The U.S. military doesn’t have the information it needs to stop an attack by North Korea. But officials believe they know where to get it.

If the FBI Has Your Biometrics, It Doesn't Have to Tell You

August 2 A final rule blocks millions of citizens from requesting information about the data stored in that system.

These Birds' Molting Patterns Might Change How Government Uses Drones

August 2 U.S. Fish and Wildlife is researching whether oil spill drones could harm wildlife.

Facebook Is Reportedly Working on Hardware to Take on the Amazon Echo and Google Home

August 2 “Hey Facebook, how many likes did my witty post about Trump get today?”