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Should Google Own the Verb “Google”?

August 23 The US Supreme Court May decide the future of the word.

Microsoft Is Fixing a Simple Reason Why Voice Assistants Are So Bad

August 22 The tech company hopes to smarten up our dumb bots by making a new dataset available to the public.

Take a Bite Out of Android Oreo

August 22 A new operating system should be all about the filling.

The International Space Station Pulled Off the Photobomb of a Lifetime

August 21 Perfectly timed images show a tiny ISS passing in front of the sun.

'We Do Not Have Long to Act': Elon Musk and Others Warn the U.N. About Autonomous Weapons

August 21 The prospect of tanks, machine guns and drones that think for themselves becoming widespread is giving tech luminaries the heebie-jeebies.

The Complex Relationship Between Innovation and Economic Segregation

August 19 It’s not just the tech industry that’s responsible for America’s stratifying cities.

Pentagon Expanding Behavioral Biometrics With Keystroke Tracker

August 17 A new group signed to see if the technology can help fight insider threats.

To Fix Algorithmic Bias, We First Need to Fix Ourselves

August 17 If we can’t get it right with humans, how are we meant to train machines to do a better job?

If an AI Creates a Work of Art, Who Owns the Rights to It?

August 16 AI also raises some thorny issues by potentially impinging on the IP rights of others.

NGA Wants Bleeding-Edge Tech and Talent—And It Will Open Up to Get Them

August 15 The intel agency is open to sharing its data with industry. It also wants its own tour-of-duty tech team.