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Report: Russian Hackers Used Kaspersky Anti-virus to Steal NSA Hacking Tools

October 5 It’s not clear if Kaspersky knowingly assisted the theft.

Google's Latest Smartphones, Speakers and Gadgets

October 5 The tech giant unveiled a ton of new products.

US Senate Bill Tells Humans to Take a Back Seat: Self-Driving Cars Don’t Need Steering Wheels

October 5 The US is hurtling toward a critical decision about autonomous vehicles.

House Cyber Leader Wants to Give Equifax the Kaspersky Treatment

October 5 Rep. John Ratcliffe wants DHS to issue a binding operational directive to end a $7 million Equifax contract with IRS.

The Pentagon Has the World’s Largest Logistics Problem. Blockchain Can Help

October 4 DoD should join other logistics-heavy organizations in experimenting with the cryptography-messaging-accounting technology that powers Bitcoin.

Can the Government’s Buying Power Create a More Secure Internet of Things?

October 4 Device manufacturers still determine how they secure their gadgets, but legislation could push industry in a more secure direction, experts tell the House ...

Congressman Wants U.S. to Part With Europe on Data Privacy

October 3 As the number of devices quietly gathering your data increases, so does the risk of exposure.

DARPA-Funded Radar Lets Planes See Through Smoke and Clouds

October 3 A promising approach to a decades-old quandary: how to get a clear field of view to the ground?

Intel Exec: Internet of Things Isn’t Scaling As Fast As We Thought

October 3 Actual connected devices may fall short of the 50 billion experts were predicting would join the internet by 2020.