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Google's Latest Smartphones, Speakers and Gadgets

October 5 The tech giant unveiled a ton of new products.

US Senate Bill Tells Humans to Take a Back Seat: Self-Driving Cars Don’t Need Steering Wheels

October 5 The US is hurtling toward a critical decision about autonomous vehicles.

House Cyber Leader Wants to Give Equifax the Kaspersky Treatment

October 5 Rep. John Ratcliffe wants DHS to issue a binding operational directive to end a $7 million Equifax contract with IRS.

The Pentagon Has the World’s Largest Logistics Problem. Blockchain Can Help

October 4 DoD should join other logistics-heavy organizations in experimenting with the cryptography-messaging-accounting technology that powers Bitcoin.

Can the Government’s Buying Power Create a More Secure Internet of Things?

October 4 Device manufacturers still determine how they secure their gadgets, but legislation could push industry in a more secure direction, experts tell the House ...

Congressman Wants U.S. to Part With Europe on Data Privacy

October 3 As the number of devices quietly gathering your data increases, so does the risk of exposure.

DARPA-Funded Radar Lets Planes See Through Smoke and Clouds

October 3 A promising approach to a decades-old quandary: how to get a clear field of view to the ground?

Intel Exec: Internet of Things Isn’t Scaling As Fast As We Thought

October 3 Actual connected devices may fall short of the 50 billion experts were predicting would join the internet by 2020.

What Would Flying From New York to Shanghai in 39 Minutes Feel Like?

October 3 Elon Musk’s proposed Earth transport system better stock barf bags.