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US Government Agencies Are Buying Ads on Facebook—in Russian

October 14 Basically everyone can buy ads on the platform to push their agenda.

Your Next Head of Lettuce, Grown By a Robot

October 13 The farm meets the startup.

Octopus-Inspired Material Can Change Its Texture

October 13 The U.S. Army is funding the creation of shape-shifting sheets that mimic the abilities of the ocean’s masters of camouflage.

Lawmaker Says Justice Department is Wrong About Encryption

October 12 Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas, thinks weakening encryption would be bad for national security.

How Google Home Can Help You Find Your Lost Smartphone

October 12 Digital assistant to the rescue!

Americans Distrust Driverless Cars, and Silicon Valley is on a Mission to Win Them Over

October 12 The vehicles won't sell without willing customers

Drones Let Scientists Get Inside Humpback Whale Blowholes

October 12 These flying drones, got much closer to these whales than humans typically can.

U.S. Government’s Hurricane-Hunting Satellite Scheduled to Launch Next Month

October 11 NOAA's sending a high-powered replacement into space to boost its weather forecasting capabilities.

Trump's NASA Pivot

October 11 His administration has made the moon a destination, not just a pit stop, on the way to Mars.

FCC Approves Google's Project Loon to Go to Puerto Rico

October 10 Giant floating balloons could help Puerto Rico communicate again.