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What Every Government Leader Should Know About Blockchain

October 20 Blockchain could be as disruptive as the internet.

Startup Funding Bill Makes A Comeback

October 19 A group of lawmakers reintroduced the Startup Opportunity Accelerator Act, which would set aside funding for startup accelerators.

How to Unlock Your Door With Your Phone

October 19 Now your phone can be a new kind of key.

I Just Coded My First AI Algorithm, and Oh Boy, It Felt Good

October 19 Learning to code is not as hard as you might think.

Senators Target Russian Election Meddling with Political Ad Bill

October 19 The bill would require ads that run on Facebook, Twitter or other online platforms disclose who paid for them.

DeepMind Has a Bigger Plan for Its Newest Go-Playing AI

October 19 AlphaGo was never just about board games.

Google Announces Plan to Turn Toronto Neighborhood into Living Laboratory

October 19 The development is the company's first foray into what it has described as "rebuilding cities from the Internet up.”

This Tool Saves HUD Employees Weeks of Work

October 18 House of Urban Development Department employees would take days and even weeks to fulfill lawmakers’ requests until the agency launched CART.

What Happens to Your Email After You Die?

October 18 What if you leave no will and people need to know what you wanted done with your stuff?

What Agencies Need to Navigate the AI Frontier

October 17 Adopting artificial intelligence isn't a well-trodden path.