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Can the US Military Re-Invent the Microchip for the AI Era?

September 18 As conventional microchip design reaches its limits, DARPA is pouring money into the specialty chips that might power tomorrow’s autonomous machines.

NDAA Heads to Floor and Kaspersky Heads to Washington

September 15 And in the defense authorization bill's 104 amendments are tech and cyber changes for civilian agencies too.

House Foreign Affairs Leaders Push to Save State Cyber Office

September 15 A bipartisan bill would make the cyber coordinator’s office permanent and a presidential appointment.

Could Whale Migration Be the Key to Smarter Naval Operations?

September 15 DARPA wants to use marine life as “living sensors” in the internet of things network.

NASA Engineer Sues Customs for Illegal Smartphone Search

September 15 A group of 10 people is suing Customs and Border Protection for searches they say violate their First and Fourth Amendment rights.

Future Navy Accident Investigations Will Look for Cyber Attacks

September 15 The fleet’s info-warfare chief has a team aboard the damaged USS McCain. The main thing she expects to learn is how to do this kind of investigation.

Analysts Are Quitting the State Department’s Anti-Propaganda Team

September 14 The Global Engagement Center is struggling to keep up with its missions: countering ISIS recruitment and Russian disinformation.

Can Cops Force You to Unlock Your Phone With Your Face?

September 13 Apple’s new Face ID technology raises questions about constitutional protections for personal devices.

Amazon Web Services Can Now Host the Defense Department’s Most Sensitive Data

September 13 The company received provisional authority to host Impact Level 5 workloads.

Trump Administration Orders Russian Anti-virus Off All Government Systems

September 13 The move follows months of suggestions Kaspersky is too close to the Kremlin.