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Senate panel to hear from auditors at troubled Defense agency

September 9, 2008 Session will focus on allegations that DCAA relies too heavily on arbitrary job performance metrics.

GAO finds management flaws in Navy modernization efforts

September 9, 2008 Cost overruns, delays and failure to properly address risk are among the management issues stalling two programs.

Army relies on 'fully loaded' SUV in hurricane response

September 8, 2008 During disasters, emergency response vehicle gives Army North access to Defense’s unclassified and classified networks.


September 6, 2008 -

Customs and Border Protection lends aerial vehicle for hurricane damage assessment

September 5, 2008 In its first-time use for a natural disaster, Predator sends real-time videos to agencies of storm's destruction.

Emergency workers keep busy in Gustav's wake

September 5, 2008 Officials distribute generators and attempt to restore power in the face of widespread outages.

What's Brewin: Powering Through

September 5, 2008 New (and old) radios, open communications and a satellite bridge support relief efforts after Hurricane Gustav.

Scarcity of science students worries military IT officials

September 5, 2008 The United States is not training enough engineers to meet the Pentagon’s needs, panelists say.

Lawmakers chop up major contracting reform legislation

September 4, 2008 Provisions are tacked onto broader measures as stand-alone acquisition bills languish in committee.

Appropriators foresee tough times if McCain wins White House

September 3, 2008 GOP standard-bearer has pledged to veto bills that include wasteful earmarks.