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Octopus-Inspired Material Can Change Its Texture

October 13 The U.S. Army is funding the creation of shape-shifting sheets that mimic the abilities of the ocean’s masters of camouflage.

DHS Nominee Would Be Agency’s First Homegrown Cyber Leader

October 12 Kirstjen Nielsen would be the agency's first secretary with extensive cyber experience.

Defense Contractors Could Face Pay-Back Clause for Losing Bid Protests

October 10 Incumbent contractors that lose a bid protest may end up footing the bill for the government's costs.

A New Social-Media Simulator Is Helping US Troops Train for Hybrid War

October 10 The program harvests and remixes real tweets to generate a convincing online environment for wargames large and small.

Pentagon: We’ll Keep Buying Software That Russian Spies have Looked Through

October 6 The U.S. military will still buy consumer-off-the-shelf products from several tech companies that allowed Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB, an ...

Bill Targeting Security Clearance Backlog Advances in Senate

October 6 The legislation would reinstate backlog reporting, plus push agencies to honor each other's clearances and implement continuous monitoring.

How Sputnik Launched an Era of Technological Fragility

October 6 Sixty years after the historic achievement, a world without satellites seems difficult to imagine.

The Computer That Predicted the U.S. Would Win the Vietnam War

October 6 A cautionary tale about the dangers of big data

Border Security Markup Includes Smart Wall Provisions

October 5 Rep. Will Hurd’s efforts to incorporate more technology into a proposed wall along the U.S. and Mexico border appears to be underway.

Report: Russian Hackers Used Kaspersky Anti-virus to Steal NSA Hacking Tools

October 5 It’s not clear if Kaspersky knowingly assisted the theft.