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Latest Cyber Executive Order Draft Focuses on Workforce Competitiveness

May 3 The order directs government agencies to study how U.S. cyber education and training compares to other nations.

NSA Is Changing Some of the Information It Collects

May 1 The agency says it’s stopping the controversial practice of collecting Americans’ emails that mention foreign intelligence targets.

Facebook Data ‘Does Not Contradict’ Intelligence on Russia Meddling

April 28 The social platform says it has a problem with government-run efforts to manipulate public opinion.

McCaul: Expect a Major IT Modernization Push after Cyber Executive Order

April 27 The effort to modernize government technology will likely be driven by Rep. Will Hurd’s legislation, the House Homeland chairman said.

Pentagon’s Top Techie Needs Purchasing Power of Closest Allies, Former DOD CIO Says

April 27 The country's closest allies have CIO counterparts who can make small investments promising technology. Not so in the U.S.

How Should We Treat Our Military Robots?

April 27 Increasingly human-like automated weapons demand an honest accounting of our emotional responses to them.

US Space Firms Tell Washington: China Will Take Over the Moon If You’re Not Careful

April 26 The US space industry is prodding the US government into refreshing its outdated laws on commercial activity beyond Earth.

Former Intel Director: ‘The Clearance System We Have is Broken’

April 26 The government needs to be able to continuously vet intelligence employees for threats, former Director of National Intelligence Director James Clapper said.

Defense Intelligence Agency’s ‘Shark Tank’ Helps Startups Pitch Spy Apps

April 26 DIA analysts who like a product can launch a partnership on the spot.

Criminals Will Need a 'Face Off' Machine to Beat Biometrics If IARPA Project Succeeds

April 25 The intelligence community’s R&D unit awarded a few groups funds to prevent criminals from tricking biometric scanners.