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In-Q-Tel Invests Fresh Funds to Ditch Desktops

May 30 The venture capital firm for the 17 agencies that comprise the IC joined Bain Capital Ventures and Microsoft Ventures in making a $16 million investment in ...

These Senators Want You to Hack DHS

May 26 A new bill would create a bug bounty program at the Homeland Security Department similar to programs at the Pentagon and GSA.

Airport Security Lines Are About to Get Worse―A Perfect Advertisement for TSA PreCheck

May 26 Your laptop isn’t the only item you’ll have to part with at airport security.

The Rocket Startup About to Eat Elon Musk’s Lunch

May 26 Rocket Lab is aiming to put small satellites in low Earth orbit at a fraction of the cost of even SpaceX

DHS Secretary Promises Report on Russian Antivirus Use at Agency

May 25 Lawmakers have grown increasingly concerned about alleged links between the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky and Russian intelligence.

DARPA Picks Boeing To Build Its New Space Plane

May 25 The research agency hopes its XS-1 jumpstarts a whole new industry of very-low-cost satellite launches.

Safe From WannaCry? Thank the Government.

May 24 DHS secretary describes an active government campaign to limit the virus’ spread.

DHS: Biometrics Could Cut the Over 700K Visa Overstays

May 24 About 1.47 percent of foreign travelers with visas overstayed their expected departure.

Trump’s First Defense Budget Has North Korea Written All Over It

May 24 There’s lots of money in the Pentagon’s 2018 spending proposal to stop missiles of the sort that Pyongyang keeps launching.

CYBERCOM Budget Request Focused on Elevation to Full Command

May 23 The command is hard at work prepping for elevation, but with no strict timeline, Adm. Michael Rogers said.