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TSA Announces Stricter Electronics Screening Rules

July 27 Time to travel with fewer electronics.

Security Fears Over Chinese Involvement Are Prompting Australia to Halt an Undersea Cable Project

July 27 Huawei, a smartphone and telecommunications equipment maker based in Shenzhen, was supposed to lay the Internet cable.

Border Walls Work in Cities, DHS Officials Tell Lawmakers

July 25 Lawmakers want a higher-tech border patrol, but a watchdog agency is concerned CBP isn't measuring how useful its technology is.

US Navy Gunners Are Testing A Wearable Heads-Up Display

July 25 A service lab has turned a lieutenant’s brainstorm into a testable prototype dubbed the GunnAR augmented-reality headset.

3D-Printed Gun Designs Are Selling for $12 on the Dark Web

July 21 A new report shows just how easy it is becoming to download designs for difficult-to-trace arms.

Cyber-Heavy DHS Reauthorization Bill Passes House

July 20 The reauthorization would boost cyber protections at ports and airports and offer aid to state and local governments.

Travelers Coming Into America Are Now Seeing Beefed-Up Security

July 20 The security measures apply to roughly 280 airports in 105 countries and do not affect domestic flights.

The Tech of Homeland Security

July 20 This Nextgov ebook highlights some of solutions DHS is working on to address cyber and physical threats.

DIUx Wins Support—and More Cash—from Trump’s Pentagon

July 20 The vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs touted a search for tools to track North Korean missiles, while the Pentagon's new weapons chief called it a good ...

Is That Really You Typing? New DOD Tech Will Know

July 19 In its quest to drop common access cards, the Defense Department is piloting an authentication system based on the nuances of users' typing.