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The US Is Funding Silicon Valley’s Space Industry to Spot North Korean Missiles Before They Fly

August 3 The U.S. military doesn’t have the information it needs to stop an attack by North Korea. But officials believe they know where to get it.

GAO: Keeping NSA and CYBERCOM Together Makes Hacking Tool Leaks More Likely

August 1 The release of high-value NSA hacking tools in recent month sparked widespread concern about how securely those tools are stored.

Pentagon Now Offering Top Officials Classified Tablets

August 1 The Defense Department's pilot program allows access to materials up to secret level.

Federal Spending on Drones Goes Under the Sea

August 1 Of the billions it spends on unmanned vehicles, the federal government's focus is shifting from the skies to the sea.

After China’s Crackdown, Now Russia Is Banning VPNs Too

July 31 The law is yet another sign of Putin’s growing control over internet access.

The US Military Indeed Spends A Lot on Viagra—Because it Helps Veterans With PTSD

July 30 The military spends about $84 million on medications for erectile dysfunction.

US Air Force Wants Robots Watching Twitter

July 28 Tomorrow’s operations will be shaped by automated analysis of the world’s open-source data, says the service’s chief of staff.

Border State Lawmakers Propose a 'Smart' Wall

July 27 The group wants radar technology, drones and cameras to make up big chunks of Trump's proposed border wall.

TSA Announces Stricter Electronics Screening Rules

July 27 Time to travel with fewer electronics.

Security Fears Over Chinese Involvement Are Prompting Australia to Halt an Undersea Cable Project

July 27 Huawei, a smartphone and telecommunications equipment maker based in Shenzhen, was supposed to lay the Internet cable.