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'We Do Not Have Long to Act': Elon Musk and Others Warn the U.N. About Autonomous Weapons

August 21 The prospect of tanks, machine guns and drones that think for themselves becoming widespread is giving tech luminaries the heebie-jeebies.

Trump Order Elevates Cyber Command

August 18 CYBERCOM is now a full combatant command rather than a sub-unified command beneath U.S. Strategic Command.

Pentagon Expanding Behavioral Biometrics With Keystroke Tracker

August 17 A new group signed to see if the technology can help fight insider threats.

NGA Wants Bleeding-Edge Tech and Talent—And It Will Open Up to Get Them

August 15 The intel agency is open to sharing its data with industry. It also wants its own tour-of-duty tech team.

CYBERCOM Plans Industry Day in October

August 11 This will be the first industry day for the 7-year-old command.

Here’s How the US Military Wants to Counter ISIS Drones and Roadside Bombs

August 10 Predictive algorithms, deep machine learning, directed energy, and more are all on the Pentagon’s shopping list.

DOD Opts for Android for Classified Tablets

August 7 The tablets are modified versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

The US Army Just Ordered Soldiers to Stop Using Drones from China’s DJI

August 4 An Aug. 2 memo cites 'increased awareness of cyber vulnerabilities' with drones from China’s market-leading DJI.

The US Is Funding Silicon Valley’s Space Industry to Spot North Korean Missiles Before They Fly

August 3 The U.S. military doesn’t have the information it needs to stop an attack by North Korea. But officials believe they know where to get it.

GAO: Keeping NSA and CYBERCOM Together Makes Hacking Tool Leaks More Likely

August 1 The release of high-value NSA hacking tools in recent month sparked widespread concern about how securely those tools are stored.