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Former State Cyber Coordinator Says It Was a Mistake to Close His Office

September 1 The department's former cyber coordinator Chris Painter worries the country is stepping back from its role as a global cyber leader.

Candidate Trump Criticized Obama's Cyber Doctrine. President Trump Continues It.

August 31 The president’s cyber policies largely mirror Obama’s with one big, Russia-sized carve out.

Look for Military Drones to Begin Replacing Police Helicopters by 2025

August 29 General Atomics is working hard to put a close cousin of its Reaper anti-terrorism drone in the hands of local law enforcement.

Tillerson to Slash Cyber Office, Other Special Envoys

August 29 The move is part of a broader effort to streamline department operations and reduce its budget.

3 Questions: Artificial Intelligence and the Military

August 28 AI has moved from the movies to the laboratory, and governments around the world want it in their arsenals. We asked how militaries define it, and how they ...

No, USS McCain Probably Wasn’t Hacked. But What If It Was?

August 25 Amid the wild speculation that a foreign nation might have hacked a U.S. warship, it's worth looking at the implications for international law.

Now Is the Time to Think About How Artificial Intelligence Will Change War

August 24 The cost of engaging in cyberspace is much lower than that of human combat.

Drones Will Help Protect Guam From North Korean Missiles

August 23 A June 2016 test showed that drones can track missiles, promising better protection for forces and allies under threat of a North Korean missile strike

Trump’s Multibillion-Dollar Border Wall Wouldn’t Stop This $5,000 Drone

August 22 Earlier this month, border patrol agents intercepted a methamphetamine shipment that had been dropped off via drone on the U.S. side of the border.

'We Do Not Have Long to Act': Elon Musk and Others Warn the U.N. About Autonomous Weapons

August 21 The prospect of tanks, machine guns and drones that think for themselves becoming widespread is giving tech luminaries the heebie-jeebies.