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Anonymous targets Kenyan government social media

Network intrusion; User accounts compromised

A Latin American branch of the hacktivist collective says it is responding to a call for help regarding corruption.

Twitter accounts for Kenya army spokesman Major Emmanuel Chirchir and the Kenya Defence Forces were hacked on July 21.

Messages such as "violence produces violence" and "spending money on AK47s" alongside images of hungry-looking children were posted.

Via encrypted online chat software, an Anonymous member using the handle Le Chiffre said it was the first time his group, Anon_0x03, had hacked entities in Africa.

“Explaining their methodology, the hacker said that they work on many platforms and within different IT systems, in some cases they discover that Twitter accounts are linked to government websites,” AllAfrica reports.

The 5-member group denied that it had received any money for the hack, but instead proclaimed that it was a "war.”

The group also defaced the Reforms Kenya website.


Government (Foreign)


July 25, 2014

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location of perpetrators

Latin America

date breach occurred

Week of July 21

date breach detected

Week of July 21