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Homepage of Nepal’s president redecorated

Data dump; Network intrusion

Hacktivists left no political messages on the official website of Nepalese President Ram Baran Yadav, after apparently using compromised credentials or possibly a security flaw in the website to get in.

“First, an Iranian hacker who uses the online moniker Dr.3v1l uploaded a defacement page to,” according to Softpedia.“He has also leaked some information stolen from the site’s database, including administrator usernames and passwords.”

Given the intruders made no mention of an agenda or any other partisan statements, it is believed the stunt was carried out by individuals who simply wanted to show off their skills. 

“At the time of writing, the website still hasn’t been cleaned up, despite the fact that over 24 hours have passed since the first attack,” Softpedia reported on Feb. 8. A visual of the defacement is available on

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February 8, 2014

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Iranian hackers

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February 2014

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February 08, 2014