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Tech Unit Stretches Federal Pay System to Recruit Cyber Talent

October 14, 2016 To attract private-sector cybersecurity talent, 18F is offering potential hires jobs at the top of the General Schedule pay scale, a level traditionally reserved for high-level supervisors with managerial roles and a step below the Senior Executive Service.

Federal CISO Unveils Plans to ‘Proportionally’ Protect Data, Create a Cyber Mascot

October 11, 2016 As the first White House chief information security officer, Greg Touhill expects to withstand the administration change.

Quiz: Are You The One Letting Hackers into Your Agency?

September 26, 2016 It's easier to accidentally provide hackers access to networks than you might think.

Data-Theft Arrest Shows Insider Threat Remains Despite Post-Snowden Security Improvements

October 7, 2016 The case of the NSA contractor arrested this week shows the intelligence community has much further to go in stopping insider threats.

Tired of Changing Your Password? Security Fatigue is a Thing

October 5, 2016 People are tired of updating their passwords.

3 Steps to Implement an Insider Threat Program

October 5, 2016 Defense contractors will need to have written insider threat program plans by the end of November.