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Pentagon: We’ll Keep Buying Software That Russian Spies have Looked Through

October 6 The U.S. military will still buy consumer-off-the-shelf products from several tech companies that allowed Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB, an ...

Report: Russian Hackers Used Kaspersky Anti-virus to Steal NSA Hacking Tools

October 5 It’s not clear if Kaspersky knowingly assisted the theft.

House Bill Starts Internet Surveillance Debate, Round 2

October 5 The bill would rein in surveillance authorities but is still opposed by civil liberties groups.

House Cyber Leader Wants to Give Equifax the Kaspersky Treatment

October 5 Rep. John Ratcliffe wants DHS to issue a binding operational directive to end a $7 million Equifax contract with IRS.

FBI’s Cyber Strategy: Shame The Hackers

October 5 The agency is trying to take a more preventive, and not a reactive, security strategy.

What You Should Do About Your Yahoo Account

October 4 There are a few steps you can take.

Senate Intel Leaders Slam DHS Communication with State Election Officials

October 4 An intelligence policy bill would mandate security clearances for top state election officials to aid cyber information sharing.

The White House's Cyber Tool Wish List

October 4 Acting Federal Chief Information Security Officer Grant Schneider pushed for tools that are easy to use but can share threat info in real time.

Can the Government’s Buying Power Create a More Secure Internet of Things?

October 4 Device manufacturers still determine how they secure their gadgets, but legislation could push industry in a more secure direction, experts tell the House ...

Survey: Facebook Is the Big Tech Company That People Trust Least

October 4 Consumers nevertheless do entrust Facebook with information about themselves every day.