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Deloitte Says No Government Information Compromised in Breach

September 26 The breach did not impact any federal, state or local government clients, the company said.

State Plans to Elevate Cyber Mission, Despite Shuttering Dedicated Office

September 26 The claim comes after the department downgraded its main cyber diplomacy office.

North Korea May Be Mining Bitcoin in Addition to Hacking It

September 26 The rogue regime may have found a new use for its idle coal supplies.

What, Exactly, Were Russians Trying to Do With Those Facebook Ads?

September 26 From what we know now, it was too small to seriously influence the election, but too big to be an afterthought.

Rep. Hurd’s Solution For Tech Talent Shortage: 10 Day Tours of Duty

September 25 The Cyber National Guard could provide a constant stream of short-term talent, the lawmaker says.

Updated: Government Agencies Not Compromised in Deloitte Breach

September 25 The breach affected an email system that included information from several markets.

Congress Tackles Data Breaches, Russian Meddling and IT Modernization

September 22 Lawmakers will address cybersecurity concerns at two major agencies this week.

DHS Commercializes Two Nature-Themed Cyber Products

September 22 It’s the first time two products have been simultaneously licensed to the same company through the Transition to Practice Program.

You're Turning Off Wi-fi and Bluetooth Wrong

September 21 You could still be connected and not know it.