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Hill: Regulatory groups fail to protect power grid from cyberattacks

May 22, 2008 Federal regulatory commission says it needs more authority to force plants to tighten security for computer networks.

OMB touts progress in e-government

May 22, 2008 Agencies are meeting milestones for cybersecurity, project management and reducing costs, but IT managers’ skills still a concern.

Federal computer security grade improves slightly in '07

May 20, 2008 But some say the report card’s finding means little in light of its shortcomings.

Cost of cybersecurity initiative to triple, panel reports

May 19, 2008 The development of the National Cybersecurity Initiative also is too secretive, removing a deterrence to attack U.S. networks, Senate committee charges.

FBI partially blames procurement rules for fake IT products

May 12, 2008 Pursuit of lowest price and multiple subcontractors makes it easier for counterfeit hardware to end up on agency systems, increasing security threats.

Bill lays out stricter info security requirements for DHS

May 9, 2008 Conducting vulnerability tests against known cyberattacks and setting requirements for the CIO post would be part of a bill that fixes shortcomings in a ...

Panel calls for more information on cybersecurity budget request

May 5, 2008 Senators complain that industry may be less likely to do business with government given the uncertainty about future technical requirements.

Defense, intelligence could take major role in cyber defense

May 5, 2008 Budget supplemental indicates DHS could have lesser role in research initiative, which Bush proposal could detail this week.

Nuclear agency debuts highly secure network

May 1, 2008 In addition to enhanced security, network provides dramatic increase in bandwidth.

DHS cites steps to detect increasing network intrusions

April 25, 2008 The Department of Homeland Security intends to deploy 50 new intrusion detection systems to federal agencies by the end of the year.