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IRS rolls out tax processing systems despite known security risks

October 16, 2008 Inspector general identifies several weaknesses that could expose taxpayer information.

FBI warns of sweeping global threat to U.S. cybersecurity

October 15, 2008 New Cyber Division Chief Shawn Henry says certain countries, terrorist organizations engaged in aggressive campaigns to steal sensitive data from U.S. ...

DHS secretary pushes industry to invest in cybersecurity

October 15, 2008 Plans to beef up protection hinge on private sector — which owns most of the nation's infrastructure.

Feds, industry announce center for identity management research

October 7, 2008 Agencies, academia and corporations form coalition to find ways to better protect personal data and privacy, but offer few details.

Experts: Expect slow progress on IT overhaul next year

October 7, 2008 Campaign officials from both parties say financial crisis will force transition teams to focus first on economic positions.

Alliance campaigns against cybersecurity complacency

October 2, 2008 Homeland Security will continue efforts to detect and prevent attacks, and encourage more information sharing between the public and private sectors.


October 1, 2008 -

Network at Los Alamos vulnerable to attacks

September 29, 2008 GAO calls for laboratory to restrict access to foreign nationals.

Homeland Security committee approves key federal IT legislation

September 24, 2008 Measure would require agencies to install chief information security officers.

Draft cybersecurity review has DHS on defensive

September 22, 2008 Expert panel questions whether Homeland Security should be in charge of securing federal computer networks.