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IT contractors split on likely effects of Obama policies

April 8, 2009 Large firms concerned about proposals aimed at reducing role of contractors.

Electric grid breaches symptomatic of deeper cybersecurity gaps

April 8, 2009 Observers say networked environment and lax regulation of private sector companies make critical infrastructure particularly difficult to protect.

Industry group calls for public-private cybersecurity standards

April 7, 2009 The private sector also should play a role in self-regulating overall Internet security.

IRS slow to implement computer security configurations

April 6, 2009 More than a year after the deadline, the agency still has not complied with a federal directive to secure desktops and laptops.

White House to oversee coordination of cybersecurity efforts

April 3, 2009 Administration officials identify more than 250 requirements it will use to direct Obama's federal cybersecurity agenda, which will include sweeping policies.

Senate legislation would federalize cybersecurity

April 1, 2009 The Washington Post